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Event Scheduler Event Types:


Event Scheduler supports 3 types of play events:

  1. Absolute: Play events start at specifed start times.
  2. Approximate: Play events are cued when they are the next event to be aired, but are only executed when a Take command or a Take Next GPI-Input is recieved. This is a manually started event.
  3. Follow: Follow events automatically start imediately after the previous Absolute, Approximate, or Follow event in the schedule.

Play events also support short duration clips. A play event can also have an alternate clip defined. Alternate clips play out if the primary media is not found or is not playable.


Event Scheduler can be used to record clips as well. Record events can be Absolute or Approximate.


Scheduled periods of either EtoE Input Loop Thru or Black can be scheduled as well. Switch events, as they are reffered to, are started as an Absolute start type. They do not have a duration, but are instead concluded by either the next event, or a Stop command.

Gpi Output:

Events also support having Gpi Outputs associated with them. Any event can have a secondary event associated with it. The secondary event can be configured to trigger a GPI at the start or end of material.