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Event Scheduler API:

First introduced in the Profile XP, the Event Scheduler engine is back in the K2 Summit Client!

The Event Scheduler (ES) engine allows playout, record, and switch events to be scheduled on the server ahead of time, then be automatically executed by the server itself. Built as an extension to the AppServer .Net API, it provides a rich .Net interface that allows for insertion, monitoring, updating, and deleting of events. It also stores information for As-Run reporting after events execute. Since it is an extension to the AppServer Api, you can also use the AppServer API to monitor extra channel properties and manage assets. 

The ES engine is located on the K2 Summit client itself. Because of this, a point of failure is removed from the workflow because the events will successfully playout, even if the automation system is temporarily offline.

ES executes events frame accurately, and with its advanced timeline algorithms, is capable of playing very short clips.

ES is licensed by the channel. For information on acquiring developer evaluation licenses or pricing information, please contact Grass Valley Developer support at

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