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Summit Functionality:

The K2 Summit Client is a superset of current K2 HD client functionality.

New features:
  • 2 or 4 bi-directional SD & HD channels
    • supported compression formats: DVCPRO HD (DV100), DVCPRO25/50, DVCAM, DV
  • Live Mode - quick record-to-play in less than 0.5 seconds (requires AppCenterPro)
  • Live video display for each channel in AppCenter (current K2 displays just a key frame, local AppCenter only)
  • Multiviewer VGA output (requires AppCenterPro)
    • Quad split VGA output shows all four channels live, each with timecode, audio level meters, and transport control indicators
  • Built-in video/audio mix effects on each channel (requires AppCenterPro)
    • Fade to matte color or dissolves between clips
  • 2 RU, ruggedized, easy to service chassis for OB vans with dual power supplies
  • Embedded Operating System on Flash Memory
  • 300 GB or 450 GB 15K rpm SAS internal drive options
  • QuickTime compatible file system
  • Product Frame compatibility for easy installs and upgrades
Same features as K2:
  • High quality slo-mo with line interpolation
  • Smooth jog/shuttle performance using K2 “Predictive Fetching” technology
  • 16 audio channels (32 on disk) per channel
    • 16 tracks Embedded AES/EBU – PCM16, PCM24, Dolby E, AC-3
    • 4 additional AES/EBU tracks for a total of 8 AES/EBU tracks per channel on an D-sub connector (current K2 is 4 AES/EBU tracks per video channel)
  • Audio & CC/Teletext import capability for multilingual support
  • Scrub audio and audio click elimination
  • audio mapping
  • SNMP monitoring with NetCentral
  • SD/HD up and down conversion with high quality filters
  • 1080i/720p cross conversion
  • Clip-by-clip aspect ratio conversion
  • New AppCenter dark look-and-feel

Summit API Documentation

If you are new to developing K2 or Summit software using the AppServer API, please visit the Getting Started page. The Summit API is a super-set of the K2 API. New Summit API features include:

Documented sections:
  • Live Play - start playing back a recording clip within a 0.5 second of the record position (requires AppCenter Pro)
  • Flying Mix Effects - create flying mix effects between the foreground and background contexts of a channel (requires AppCenter Pro).
  • Playlist Mix Effects - create a playlist with section and event mix effects transitions (requires AppCenter Pro).

To be documented soon:
  • Sub-bins - bins can now have sub-bins. K2 only had a bin depth of one

Summit Emulator

The Summit Emulator is available for download. Information about it can be found here: Summit Emulator