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Protocol Timecode on K2

As server systems become more complex, clips are ingested from a variety of sources. A VDCP playout controller cannot assume that a clip was ingested from a VDCP recorder with the same assumptions about timecode. Unfortunately the VDCP timecode model is limited and does not work for clips from all sources. The result is a cueing error.

Download this document to see how K2 software addresses this problem and maintains backward compatibility.

The document contains tips for setting the timecode for workflows where:

  • You want the VDCP time sense values and cue values to match timecode recorded from a LTC or VITC source.
  • You want your VDCP player to be able to cue material that was recorded from a variety of sources, not just VDCP.
  • You have a controller database that has stored SOM values from a previous K2 release.
  • You want VDCP to work like it did on Profile.
  • You want to cue using a clip that has striped timecode.