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K2 Central TX SNMP MIBs

Below are the MIBs used for the K2 Client, K2 Server, and K2 Appliances as well as their purpose. Right-click any link and select "save as" to save the MIB.

Note that the device may support additional MIBs based on third party software/hardware (for instance the Intel or Broadcom NICs on the Dell, or the IPX protocol MIBs on Windows). These are not listed below.

The MIBs listed below are the ones that are always present on the device and portray adequate information about the device. For determining whether additionalMIBs are supported by the operating system or IH/SV (Independent hardware/software vendors), you can perform a “MIB walk” operation on the device using conventional SNMP utilities and determine additional (non Grass Valley) supported MIBs.

K2 Central TX Server:

Click here to download all K2 Central TX MIBs

RFC1213-MIB.mib (RFC1213-MIB)
MIB-2 support as implemented by Microsoft for the Windows operating system.

hostmib.mib (HOST-RESOURCES-MIB)
Generic system information as implemented by Microsoft for the Windows operating system

Lmmib2.mib (LanMgr-Mib-II-MIB)
Generic Windows networking, user account and service information as implemented by Microsoft for the Windows operating system (SUPERMICRO-SMI) (SUPERMICRO-SSM-MIB) (SUPERMICRO-HEALTH-MIB)
K2 client motherboard electromechanical sensor information (motherboard temperature hotspots, CPU fan, voltages and so on)
lsi-adaptersas.mib (LSI-AdapterSAS-MIB)
K2 Client internal RAID-1 SAS drive and controller information

Grass Valley MIBs:
gvg-reg.mi2 (GVG-REG)
Grass Valley SMI enterprise namespace

gvg-element.mi2 (GVG-ELEMENT-MIB)
Common object definitions for a Grass Valley device
- Generic device tracking information
- SNMP trap target configuration
- Generic IO/signal status information

gvg-prod.mi2 (GVG-PROD-REG)
Product sysObjectOID registrations for the Grass Valley devices

gvg-ssr.mi2 (GVG-SSR-MIB)
K2 Central TX server functional roles and their status information

gvg-manfsm.mi2 (GVG-MANFSM-MIB)
Video File System and Clip Database (FSM) related status information

gvg-tcm.mi2 (GVG-TCM-MIB)
Media transfer (import/export) statistical information

gvg-manclient.mi2 (GVG-MANCLIENT-MIB)
SAN client status information

gvg-awm.mi2 (GVG-AWM-MIB)
Assortment of generic Windows system attributes useful for monitoring the K2 Central TX server