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Mediaframe Troubleshooting Checklist:

1.  When checking the licenses you’ll want to make sure you have as many licenses as you have processes in your application pool. The restful web services typically runs in the MediaFrameAppPool (default) which is configured with 2 processes (also default). You can check this in your IIS configuration. Here’s a screenshot:




Once you know the number of processes, open License Manager and ensure that an equal number of

BASECAMP-INTEGRATION licenses are available in License Manager.   


NOTE: If the number of available licenses is less than the number of processes set as seen above - then you will see issues or errors in the logs stating there is a license issue.


2.  Another possibility for trouble is the system was upgraded from an earlier version which would have had port 280 configured for the configuration web pages - NewsBrowse used in the past. You can open the properties dialog for th check this in the IIS configuration be Default Web Site, clicking the Web Site tab and selecting the Advanced button next to the IP address drop-down box.

It looks like this:




In a misconfigured case, you will see a second port listed under the 80 here (usually 280).


3.  Another option is that the user name and password are set wrong on the identity of the application pool. In this case you should see a log entry in either the application log or the system log indicating that the identity was not valid for the application pool and that it has shut down. Also, you will see the application pool icon change (the lower left corner turns red indicating there is a problem).

This can be rectified by changing the identity to be correct. The identity also needs to be a member of the IIS_WPG group.


4.  IIS is set to use the wrong version of ASP .Net. It should be using the 2.0.50727 version of ASP .Net; to check this, you’ll need to right click on the mediaframe entry under Default Web Site and check the ASP.NET tab. The correct configuration is shown here:




If the 2.0.50727 version does not show up in the drop-down box, you’ll need to re-register ASP.Net with IIS. That is done from the command line as shown here:


Quick Test:

1. Open a web browser.

2. Enter the following url: http://{targetMFServer}/mediaframe/foundation.svc/domain

Where targetMFServer is the hostname or ip address of the Mediaframe Server.

If you have successfully configured and licensed mediaframe then you will see the following:

1. The browser just shows the text: Unknown.

2. The browser displays xml as seen below: