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BVW Commands and Responses

The commands listed here are either implemented or stubbed (returning only a command acknowledgment) as indicated. Each command is identified by its command code and name.

Information listed here is intended to specify the minimum requirements for each command. Unless otherwise specified, the server implements all the capabilities for each command as specified in the Sony documentation. For more information, refer to the second edition or later of the Sony Videocassette Recorder Bvw Series Protocol Manual (part number 9-977-544-11).

Command list:
The following table lists the BVW protocol commands. The server returns an ACK response to each command, unless otherwise indicated.

Command Name Return
0X.11 Device Type Request The controller can distinguish Profile from BVW-75: If 00.11 is sent, returns 20.25 or 21.25 (for 525- or 625-line operation respectively). If 01.11.00 is sent, returns D8.00 (disk recorder). This allows the controller to decide whether to cue-up by a combination of FastForward/Rewind and CueUpWithData (faster with BVW-75) or CueUpWithData (faster with Profile).
20.00 Stop  
20.01 Play  
20.02 Record  
20.04 Standby Off Stubbed. Acknowledges command only.
20.05 Standby On Stubbed. Acknowledges command only.
20.0F Eject  
20.10 Fast Forward  
2X.11 Jog Forward  
2X.12 Variable Forward  
2X.13 Shuttle Forward  
20.20 Rewind  
2X.21 Jog Reverse  
2X.22 Variable Reverse  
2X.23 Shuttle Reverse  
20.30 Preroll  
24.31 Cue Up With Data Matches behavior of BVW-75 as follows: After start-up, or after the displayed timecode is changed from the "Options/Select Timecode ..."dialog box, CueUpWithData cues up using the following time codes: VITC if VITC recorder is displayed; LTC if LTC recorder is displayed; Timer1 otherwise. After TimerModeSelect (41.36) has been sent, CueUpWithData cues up using the following time codes: VITC if 41.36.00 is sent and VITC is displayed; LTC if 41.36.00 is sent and anything else is displayed; Timer1 if 41.36.01 is sent.
21.38 Program Play +  
21.39 Program Play -
20.52 Tension Release Stubbed. Acknowledges command only.
20.60 Full EE Off Panel indicator (PB/EE) changes to match.
20.61 Full EE On Panel indicator changes to EE only. This causes timecode, video, and audio to go to EE in the BVW (insert-edit) controller, and video and audio to go to EE in the BVW controller.
20.63 Selected EE On  
20.64 Edit Off  
20.65 Edit On
44.00 Timer-1 Preset  
44.04 Time Code Preset  
44.05 User Bit Reset  
44.08 Timer-1 Reset  
40.10 In Entry  
40.11 Out Entry  
44.14 In Preset  
44.15 Out Preset  
40.20 In Reset  
40.21 Out Reset  
40.24 In Recall  
40.25 Out Recall  
4X.30 Edit Preset  
44.31 Preroll Time Preset  
41.34 Head Select Stubbed. Acknowledges command only.
41.36 Timer Mode Select  
40.40 Auto Mode Off Stubbed. Acknowledges command only.
40.41 Auto Mode On Stubbed. Acknowledges command only.
61.0C Current Time Sense  
60.10 In Data Sense  
60.11 Out Data Sense
61.20 Status Sense
6X.30 Edit Preset Sense
60.31 Preroll Time Sense
60.36 Timer Mode Sense
A0:01 Enable Clip Loading
A0:02 Disable Clip Loading
A0:10 Clip Length Request Clip length response in the form 00:00:00:00.
A8:12 Set Clip Length
A0:20 Find First Clip Request Clip name.
A0:21 Find Next Clip Request Clip name.
AX:30 Load Clip  
AX:40 New Clip  
AX:50 Delete Clip