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Suites, Security, and Channel Stealing:

Suites and Security:
When a client requests an AppServer, it passes in a unique suite name and a user name. The concept is similar to someone using an editing suite. While that person is in the suite, they have access to all of their own resources. Similarly, eachAppServer for a user and suite has its own resources. This is also what tells AppService whether-or-not to create a new AppServer. If two client applications request an AppServer with the same suite name and user name, then both applications will get back the same AppServer object. See Suspending and Closing AppServers for an explanation of when an existing AppServer would be returned.

Channel stealing:
Channels on the K2 are shared resources. If a client is using a channel and another client requests to use that same channel, the channel will be stolen away from the first client and given to the second client. If it is important to prohibit this, the applicatoin should first check to see if the channel is owned by another application first. See the Examples section for channel owner example code.