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Playlists, Sections, and Events:

K2 play channels can also play a sequence of events called a play list. Events are the components that make up a play list.

All events in a playlist are contained in sections. Playlists must contain at least one section. A playlist can have up to 100 sections. A section can be configured to repeat or pause.

Events are created by adding a clip or program to sections in a list. Each section can contain up to 1000 events. Events in a playlist can be added, removed or rearranged.

Events can be renamed and trimmed. Trimming an event moves the mark-in and mark-out points. This only affects the event, not the source clip.

Transitions between all events in a list is a cut (i.e. the last frame of an event is followed by the first frame of the next event).
Events can pause playout at their end. At event pauses, you can choose to show black, freeze on last frame, or freeze on next event.

Playlists can be saved as a program in the K2 Media Client. Programs created from a playlist include all the media and transitions in the playlist, but nothing that breaks the flow of playout, such as a pause at the end of an event. Programs are also created from the loop record mode.