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Uniform Media Locators (UML)

Uniform Media Locators are used for specifiying transfer source and destination locations.

The format for a UML is:



<host> is the K2's host name or IP address (e.g. “K2-123”)

<type> is a file type (e.g. “explodedFile”, “gxfFile”, “mxfFile”, “movFile”, “aviFile”, “mpgFile”)

<filename> is the asset's fully pathed name including volume, bin, and asset(e.g. “V:/default/Clip” or “C:/temp/foo”). The filename may also be specified using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path (e.g. "\\path-to-machine\folder\Clip")



note the forward slash after the "gxfFile" string before the double-backslash of the UNC path!