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Transferring extra material outside of marks

Traditionally when you transfer clips using the GXF format, only that material actually referenced by the clip (material between the clip’s marks) gets transferred.


The GXF exporter on Summit software 7.2 provides the following enhancements:

a) GXF transfers can be initiated by specifying a “extra-N-seconds” option which will transfer up to extra N-seconds worth of material preceding and trailing each segment on the clip (depending on the availability of the material).

This will not change the definition of the clip transferred, per se – however it will allow applications to “stretch out” clip marks, or events on a playlist that gets transferred, by N-seconds.


If the transfer is intended between two Summits, then both the source and destination Summit must use Summit software version 7.2 or higher.

When a GXF transfer is requested using the K2 API, this option is provided only on the source UML. The format of the option is as follows:

[host]/<UML-type>/<clip path>?extra-N

Where “N” is a non-zero positive integer indicating amount of extra material required in seconds

For instance, to export sub-clip v:/mark/subclip-1 to V:\temp as subclip-1.gxf with 10seconds worth of dog ears,
the source UML would be:
the destination UML would be:

For performing the same operation using FTP, the path specified in the FTP get or RETR would be as follows:

ftp <summit>
user movie
cd Mark
get Subclip-1?extra-10 Subclip-1.gxf

b) When playlists get transferred, even if this “extra-N-seconds” option is not explicitly specified in the transfer request, up to 1 second worth of extra material will be transferred preceding and trailing each segment/event in the playlist. This allows transitions and effects to work correctly on playlists that get created as a result of a transfer.