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Generate As-Run Log

In the C# sample scripts section there is a sample GenerateAsRunLog.cs file that parses the K2's log file and generates a rough as-run log from it. The output shows which assets are loaded, played, stopped, and ejected on each channel.

A pre-compiled version of GenerateAsRunLog.exe can be downloaded here. Copy it to your c:\profile directory and run it as follows:

Example output:

C:\profile>GenerateAsRunLog.exe /?

GenerateAsRunLog [-h*ost host]

-h*ost Host name of K2 Client (default: localhost)


;Log written: 09/09/09 13:43:49
;Date Ch Load Play Stop Eject Asset
08/09/09, C1, 09:48:22, 09:48:32, 09:48:44, 09:49:13, V:/default/Clip
08/09/09, C3, 09:49:21, 09:49:22, 09:49:25, 09:49:25, V:/default/Clip_2
08/09/09, C1, 09:52:04, 09:52:15, 09:53:37, 10:12:28, V:/default/Clip