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Create an AppServer

The code below shows how to create an AppServer. You will need to pass in a unique suite name and the name of your client application. See Suspending and Closing AppServers for an explanation of when an existing AppServer would be returned.

bool newConnection = false;
IAppServer iappServer = appServerMgrProxy.CreateAppServer("YourSuiteName", 
 "YourClientApplicationName", out newConnection);

// ... do some work ...

iappServer.CloseConnection(); // or
short nNewConnection;
IAppServerPtr spAppServer;
hr = spAppServerMgrProxy->CreateAppServer(_bstr_t("YourSuiteName", 
 _bstr_t("YourClientApplicationName"), &nNewConnection, &spAppServer);

// ... do some work ...

spAppServer->CloseConnection(); // or