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Setting Aspect Ratio Conversion

Note: the following method of setting aspect ratio is obsolete starting with K2 3.3 and Summit 7.2 software. For those versions of software or greater, you should instead set the Active Format Description.


In general, you set the aspect ratio conversion in AppCenter's System Configuration panel. There you can select the aspect ratio conversion type on a channel-by-channel basis.

Additionally, you can override the Aspect Ratio Conversion on a clip-by-clip basis. You do this by setting the "AspectRatioConversion" property of the asset to one of these strings:

  • "Default"
  • "Bars"
  • "Halfbars"
  • "Crop"
  • "Stretch"

Full sample code can be downloaded from the C# Script Samples section. Look for the sample named SetAssetARC.cs.

More asset property information can be found here:

  • Get asset properties
  • Asset properties

Below is a code snippet demonstrating how to get an editor for an asset and set the AspectRatioConversion property:

string asset = "edl/cmf//local/V:/default/Clip";

// get a media mgr object
using ( IMediaMgr mediaMgr = iappServer.CreateMediaMgr(appName) )
	// get an editor for the asset
	using ( ISimpleEditor2 editor = (ISimpleEditor2) mediaMgr.CreateEditor(asset) )
		// set property
		editor.SetProperty("AspectRatioConversion", "Default");
		// get it back just to verify. You can check in AppCenter, too.
		string assetType = (string) editor.GetProperty("AspectRatioConversion");
		Console.WriteLine("ARC = " + assetType);
		// Make sure you detach your editor! if not, you'll leave an open reference to your movie.